Friday, May 22, 2009


When you arrived at ATS, what helped you feel like you could belong here? When did it first start to feel like home?

Friday, May 8, 2009


Our spring semester draws to a close with Consecration this Monday night. We want to provide opportunities for folks to share community over the summer and to welcome in new families as they arrive. We have two main streams of thinking here.

1. Transition Team: many of you have already volunteered to be on our transition team of couples who will be working to meet, greet and welcome new families over the summer.

2. All are invited gatherings (not the technical term but I'm makin' in work here): Planning to go to a Legends game? Let us know, we'll post the details and welcome other families to meet you there. Nicholasville pool on an afternoon? Contact our office at least 3 days in advance so that we can get word out. Eating at La Hacienda or Sonny's? Maybe others would like to join you. Let us know and we'll open it up to others. Picnic? Yard saling? Frisbee golf? Grilling out? Icthus park? Golf? Museum? Short road trip? Whatever you think others might enjoy, let us know and we'll get the word out. If people don't show up that's OK. You were planning on going anyway right? And if you're sitting around wishing you had something to do with someone, take advantage of some of these offers that are sure to arise throughout the summer. We'll post them here on the blog, and we'll send them out to the email list.

We would LOVE to get some things on the summer calendar right away as a resource for new families who will be arriving soon. Consider organizing an "all are invited gathering" anytime in June, July or August; simply email us the date, times, and location and we'll take care of posting it. I hope to see many of you around over the summer.

Playgroup is still meeting May 11th and 25th from 10:30-noon. The 25th they'll be meeting at the park because the student center will be closed.